I’m annoyed by this BPA issue. I’m annoyed that BPA  isn’t banned yet and that there is still plastic water bottles, baby bottles and BPA being used, P-E-R-I-O-D! I’m frustrated that companies like Coke and DelMonte would try to use advertising dollars to market BPA and pull the wool over consumers eyes using a pregnant mama to tote that BPA is safe. I’m angry that I drink my Diet Coke and the can is made with BPA and the company would rather put their twitter address on the can than make a safer can and put BPA FREE. Trust me when it comes to social media they’re not “cool” in my book right now!

So when good friend Alicia from The Soft Landing wrote: I’m just a mom, what can I do I was virtually high fiving her! Mom’s, parents, grandparents, people everywhere can make a difference. I’ve given the example of how I bought glass baby bottles two years ago for a hefty price, special ordered and waited weeks for them to arrive. Now companies are labeling baby bottle packages BPA FREE and glass bottles are at every major retailer.

It might take some time to see the effect of all of us switching some dollars to safer products, making phone calls, sending emails and yes tweeting and spreading the word on blogs and through social media. Trust me when I tell you that Coke and Del Monte has a social media team and they monitor the space and what I’m writing about them, tweeting and talking about on Facebook that has to do with their brand and company. As a social media consultant for companies I do this with a few services and when there is negative sentiment – companies eyebrows are raised and their ears are very fine tuned. If Coke and Del Monte are not doing this my advice is to start here and see what so many bloggers are saying.

Alicia gives you many great tips on how you can support safer cans and instead of repeating her suggestions I say read what this quoted expert has to say on the issue and join the cause and tell companies like Coke and DelMonte you want safer cans not BPA because your health matters!

Why not? Great tips for free!

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