Come Sail Away. Come Sail Away With Me! In my neck of the woods boating, sailing, kite boarding, water sports and just water play is the norm! The Great Lakes and many small inland lakes and ponds surround me. It’s majestic and I feel very fortunate but when it comes to the environment and our fresh water supply, not everyone thinks. Luckily, I was taught at a young age how to be environmentally friendly around the water but I see many people not taking their environmental responsibility too seriously when it comes to boating and recreational water habits.

Where this is water there will most likely be boats but boaters can choose to help keep the water clean and the marine life safe by making some simple chooses to green their boating habits. Obviously, sail boats, kayaks, canoes, wind surfing or kite boarding will be the greenest option to enjoy the wind, water and sun! If a motor is involved some type of pollution is taking place but there are not greener more environmentally friendly motors and boats. If considering a new boat, I’d recommend this option. There are even some boats going hybrid or solar and whether this a reality or not is up for debate but it sure is a cool thought!

If you’re like my family, we have an old boat that my father has docked out at the lake. We take many steps to make sure we are greening our boating experience. We use a non-toxic cleaner to wash the inside and outside of our boat. We use the local marina to help us fuel our boat and they take precautions to not leak or overfill our tanks and leak fuel into the water. Never ever do we liter or throw our trash in the water. We always stow our trash and make sure we recycle our cans and bottles after a day of boating or fishing.

It’s easy to be out on the boat and not see the fish or marine life under the water, however, they exist and our pollution affects them. If you’re a fisherman and eat fish, it affects you too! Who wants to eat polluted diseased fish? About My Planet has some great pointers on launching your canoe for the first time and thinking about how to not disturb or impact the marine eco system. Common sense pointers that we all should consider if we enjoy boating and water play!

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