Standing in line for food; it doesn’t make a person swell up with pride. Asking for help to pay a heating bill or finding the courage to borrow gas money – it is tough. Times are tough for many, many people right now. People see me with a nice car, home, traveling and with a job and there is a perception that I cannot understand but the reality is I do.

When I was little I stood in lines for processed cheese, I ate butter sandwiches on Wonder Bread and candy from the corner store it was a luxury. I mowed lawns at ten years old to buy school clothing and worked two jobs throughout high school; I get poverty and struggle.

I also get compassion, love and respect. I know this goes a long ways and when we help others through tough times it does something deep down for that person; whether we realize it or not. Children, they do not choose poverty or to sit in a wet diaper, eat one meal a day and wonder why their clothing isn’t new or they did not get the doll they’ve longed for. They are children. Children with developing brains who want love, compassion and nurturing – this is what helps for them to have healthy brain development.

They’re also children who deserve to be given things that support their development and for their parents to learn of alternatives, other choices for products and that there are ways to make there own cleaners, play dough, inexpensive games and activities and that going green is learning to be thrifty not trendy.

Diapers for Project Connect

Today and tomorrow I will work long hours passing out items from some close and dear friends that I’ve connected with online that have shown me but also hundreds of families and children their support for healthy brain development and compassion for the tough times the families are facing.

My deepest and sincerest thank you to the generous supporters that helped me to collect close to $14,000 in eco-friendly choices for Project Connect:

Seventh Generation

Ecostore USA

Earth Mama Angel

The Soft Landing

Kids Konserve

Kids Think Big

Itsa Belly

Little Twig

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