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I heard recently at a social media conference that we’re all connected (those of us in the room at least) by at least one tweet.

That is connected, who are you connected to through just one degree of separation on Twitter?

The author of Why She Buys, Bridget Brennan said, “46% of all moms think that brands do not speak to them.”

Disconnect. Fail.

Bridget Brennan also said 40% of moms trust what their friends say and 42% of women share what they love and the brands they like on Facebook.

Connect with the moms and utilize Facebook, duh.

Women online, they have Klout. They’re messages are amplified based on their connections. They’re sharing, liking, re-tweeting, downloading coupons, checking out deals on their mobile phones and texting photos and asking each other questions – instantly.

Women are connecting to each other but are you connected to them?

When asked at the Windy City Social to hand my phone to a friend or pass my Xoom – my reaction was sheer horror. Part with my digital device, are you kidding me.

Not be connected – no thank you!!!

Yes, we all need to disconnect and pull the plug from time to time but the point is there are 1 billion working women and we make up 9.8 trillion dollars of the global economy, according to Bridget Brennan.

You want to connect to that.

How I Connect

  • My MOTOROLA XOOM which provided me with 6 hours of WiFi which was my mobile hotspot in Chicago recently, allowing me to live tweet, check email from work, write a post that was due and stay connected to home.
  • My Droid Bionic which lets me text my husband reminders, capture photos with my 8 MP camera and have Skype face time with the family when I’m traveling. I can read my Amazon Kindle book while waiting for the kids, use Hootsuite and send out a tweet from my phone and download a video straight to YouTube in seconds.

How do you connect?

Disclosure: I am a part of Verizon’s Midwest Moms program.  I was given a Motorola Xoom, Droid Bionic and six months of service in exchange for sharing my journey with all of you. All opinions expressed are my own.

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