A blogging journey since 2007

The foundation of this blog has always been about my journey with health, wellness and living green. This included my family. In fact, becoming a parent was at the crux of why I started blogging. Like most bloggers that started in 2009, I’ve evolved. I was ad free years ago. I was on blogger. I did not have my own domain. I didn’t know what I was doing. I just jumped in, feet first. I certainly didn’t think of myself as a business offering services, like brand ambassador campaigns, expert writing and consulting! I couldn’t have imagined that I’d be working full-time in marketing 9 years later! What an adventure it has been!

When I look back at the evolution, it’s really very amazing AND another blog post altogether. Looking back though I still see one common thread in where I was THEN and where I am TODAY. My love for sharing stories and my journey. Whether my story is about a new product I’m trying (sponsored or unsponsored) , a recipe, my path to finding faith and self acceptance, advice on recycling, a travel adventure, my personal experience with anxiety and insomnia, a DIY beauty tip, a home organization tip or my own parenting battles. I like to share and from the sharing, I hope someone can relate, learn and in the end I hope I made someone’s day, in some small way. Maybe they learned about a new way to recycle tires or make their own dried fruit. GREAT! Perhaps, someone visits and learns some savvy tips for their next vacation. That’s AWESOME. Perhaps they found a new product they wouldn’t have ever bought but loved my review. That makes me happy. A recipe that feeds their family and gets two thumbs up? A fitness tip from my own struggles?

A blogging journey since 2007 and it continues...

Whatever it is, it’s why, after all of these years I keep going. The stories. To help someone else. To meet them where THEY are. Green or not green. On a health track or not. Maybe. Just MAYBE, I can be an inspiration or catalyst. And through it all, I’m learning. I’m growing.  I’m meeting new people, taking trips, running a small business, consulting and making connections.  

Connecting with NOW Foods: The Journey Continues

#NOWWellness Immersion Follow Along to Learn More about NOW Foods

Which is why, I said, yes to attending to the #NOWWellness Immersion in Chicago, Illinois. I’m new to what this company offers. NOW Foods has a line of natural products for health, nutrition, pets, beauty, fitness and essential oils. All of which are up my alley. It’s what I review, buy, recommend and try to support with my dollar. Though, I’m not perfect. (Who is?)

I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts and my product reviews with you and giving you my honest opinion on the brand and my experience. I’ll be straightforward and of course, I’ll share my story of how the NOW Foods brand and products fit into my life and perhaps your’s too. 

I’ll update you in the next few weeks with all of my thoughts, opinions and stories but until then, follow along on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  Oh and stay tuned for a giveaway of NOW Foods goodies! 

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