Allergy season is the pits. It’s all I can do to just cope with my allergies. I just got back from Nashville and I am not lying, as soon as I landed, my right eye was a faucet. It was driving me nuts. I was sneezing, rubbing my ONE eye and I felt miserable. Come to find out the pollen was very high when I was there visiting. Go figure, I have a pollen allergy. I don’t take anything but allergy eye drops and rely on my Scotties® facial tissues (they’re soft as kittens – which I’m not allergic too)! In fact, I have boxes everywhere. You will find a Scotties® tissue box:

Prepared for Allergy Season with Scotties Tissues

  • On my nightstand
  • In the bathroom
  • In the living room, right next to my chair
  • On my computer desk
  • In my car
  • On each nightstand in the house
  • Wherever I have a stand in my house because sniffles just happen and so do runny water eyes

Luckily, I’ve been sent a huge box of Scotties® tissues (they know I have allergies) but I still sign-up for coupons because I’ll run out and if that happens, I want to save some money. Sign-up for their newsletter to get coupons and deals on Scotties® products!

What I love about Scotties® Tissues is that they plant three trees for every single tree that is used. So while I’m wiping my eyes, blowing my nose and sneezing into my tissue – I don’t feel so bad about the trees I’m killing. I mean, I feel bad and wish I didn’t have to but I can’t help that I have allergies. In addition, the company is part of the sustainable forestry initiative, meaning they cannot cut down just any tree. You can get all the details here but if you are like me, you suffer from allergies, and you need tissues, try Scotties®.


Tips for Easing Allergies Naturally

Speaking of allergies, besides using tissues, what tips do you have to combat the allergies? Do you take a prescription medicine or use alternative medicine to help with the suffering? I’ve done some research and here are some helpful links I’ve found to help ease your allergies and if you find anything that works, please let me know!

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