Almost. My son has started talking about Halloween, he saw a costume at the store the other day. Then I read Nature Mom was looking already for costumes for her kids, that made me feel better. I’m not into sewing or creating a costume but I do like to reuse and look for costumes at resale shops and garage sales. It’s thrifty but anytime there is reuse it is a greener more friendly option. My son was a dinosaur for two years in a row, same costume. He wants to be the same dinosaur, again…except it doesn’t fit. In his mind it does but now I’m looking for a good new dinosaur costume, maybe this one or this one, that we can get some good use out of. Even our dog Rex can be a dinosaur and go trick or treating with us! He will wear this costume probably for more than one year and it will be played with for weeks on end in our home.  There are tons of kid costume choices that I wish he’d stray from the dinosaur choice but he likes what he likes. I secretively want for the kids to be Raggedy Ann and Andy but I’m sure I won’t get my wish on this one!

When it comes to Halloween (yes, it is two months away) there are lots of environmental and nutritional issues that parent have. I’ll have some tips on “greening” your Halloween as Halloween gets closer but if your kids are like mine and Tiffany’s they’re already thinking about what they want to be this year.  So I guess it’s never to soon to start looking and shopping.  I’m not in favor of spending hundreds of dollars on costumes, I like to reuse the costumes for more than one Halloween and prefer if the costumes can be used again for pretend play. That’s why I like the variety of Buy Costumes and how the children can look online with me and make some choices but there are a variety of kids costumes and at many different price levels. For me, I’m looking for something I can wash, something I want to use for more than one season, something that will be of quality to garage sale or resell and that can take some good use from the kids over the course of the year. What do you choose when it comes to Halloween costumes and how do you green your season to come? Do you make your own costumes or where do you shop? Have you tried Buy Costumes before?

A few past costumes that have gotten a LOT of use and are in mint condition. My daughter was actually the bumblee so we reused this costume again and this year she could be the cow so that will be reused again. She dresses up in both of the costumes weekly so I’d say that is some major reuse!

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