Couponing is all the rage! Saving a buck and having a stock pile to show your friends – it’s cool and everyone wants to know how you do it, where you get your coupons and how this “game” works. That’s how it seems when I watch TLC’s Extreme Couponing. Except, I am really bad saving the coupons, remembering to using them and reading in between the lines so I can actually use the coupons. And most coupons do not seem to apply to what I buy for my family.

Green living coupons {eco-friendly products, organic foods, etc.} do exist but they are harder to find and are few and far between in comparison to most mainstream brands. You might have to shop online or your local Co-op might have some coupons and honor online coupons from the brands they carry. Here are some helpful eco-friendly green living coupon sites and deal sites you might find helpful in your quest to save a few dollars and create your own stock pile!

Helpful Websites and Stores Sites:

Pristine Planet:  From coupons to shipping deals this website has it all. You simply sign up and learn about new deals right in your inbox as they come in. From baby to services you can find discounts and savings!

Mamboo Sprouts:  Print now coupons available for a number of different organic products so you can instantly save at your local grocery store. If you sign up you’ll receive coupons in the mail and email information to save even more money! I love Mamboo Sprouts!

Organic Deals:  Probably one of my favorite all-in-one sites for eco-friendly, green and organic shopping bargains! You can look for coupons that are based on the store you like to shop at, if you want to find something online or if you’re shopping for a particular reason – hit this site first!

Recycle Bank:  The idea is you complete certain “green” activities online and you earn reward points that you can cash in! There are dozens of ways to earn points and everything is super easy!  Just by referring a friend you can save money with your favorite eco-friendly brands!

Whole Foods:  They offer printable coupons on a variety of organic products to use in their store. If you’re near a Whole Foods don’t delay, check out the coupons before heading to the store and save yourself some dough!

Red Plum: This is a general coupon site but occasionally I find organic or gluten free brands offering coupons through this site. It doesn’t hurt to check and if you find one, make sure you tell your friends online so we can all benefit from the savings!

Brand Websites for Coupons, Promotions and Deals:

Annie’s Naturals:  Just simply sign up for their newsletter and you can receive coupons and specials to redeem at any grocery store you shop at that carries this brand. We eat their cheddar bunnies, cereals and macaroni and cheese so this can be a big savings for my family.

Laura’s Lean Beef:  Providing you organic and delicious meat products that I’ve found at all of my local grocery stores. If you sign up you’ll instantly save $1.00 so what are you waiting for?

Muir Glen:  This brand offers a “connoisseurs club” and as a member you’ll get special offers and coupons-its free to join so why not? They offer excellent organic tomato products perfect for pastas, chilies and salsas.

Eden Foods:  Their online newsletter offers coupons and special promotional codes and they manufacture delicious organic juices, pastas, condiments, snack food and cereal.

Arrowhead Mills:  Organic and gluten free foods which is something that is not easily found. Baking items, pancakes mixes, stuffing’s and nut butter. If you check their website you’ll often find a downloadable coupon for a $1.00 or more off an item. Every little bit helps!

Organic Dairy Coupons:  Horizon Dairy offers coupons to those who provide their email and they’ll send you their specials and coupons. Stoneyfield Farms offers coupons to download online but you also have to sign up and they offer rewards, recipes and more so it makes it worth the sign up process!  Organic Valley offers coupons to download directly from their website and they change frequently so keep checking their websites for the latest offers!

Organic Kid Snack Food:  Country Choice offers a variety of coupons but you do have to sign up for their newsletter and you’ll receive these through email, my children like their cookies. Ian’s food provides more of incentives or promotions that you can find in stores but it’s always good to check their website just to be sure! My children enjoy Ian’s food, especially the chicken nuggets and fries!

Earth’s Best:  A brand that provides organic baby food, snacks, home care and baby care items. They offer online coupons but only a certain quantity so you have to be quick to receive their deals!

Simply Organic:  If you’re looking for organic or gluten free baking mixes, dip mixes, gravies, sauces, dressings, seasonings or flavor extracts this is the brand for you! They offer regular in-store coupons right from their site to download and print!

Seventh Generation: From their cleaning, personal care products to paper products you can save through joining their rewards program. It just takes a few minutes and you’ll receive update coupons, promotions and specials through email. It’s well worth signing up!

TIP:  If you like a brand or particular store make sure you find them on Facebook or Twitter because many brands are now sharing deals with their followers and fans! Why not interact with the brands, provide them feedback and save some money while you’re at it?

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