Stockmar Wax CrayonsLast night I stayed up way too late trying to get read the hundred blogs I subscribe to via RSS and answer all of the emails.  I read every post possible,  all the emails and I try to get to each blog and leave comments, but it is getting harder. I did delete an email by a reader asking a question about what to get someone and I feel awful about it – woops and sorry! =(
Lots of going green blogs out there! Go moms! My Greening: Going Green, wrote about recycling crayons to make candles. How clever. As a long time preschool teacher the recycling of crayons and markers has become common practice for me. Here is what I do:

~Grab an old muffin tin and preheat my oven to 150 degrees.
~I have my little guy peel all the old broken crayons and I cut them up.
~We randomly put them into the muffin tins because we like the rainbow colors.

~Bake for 15 or so minutes (you’ll see that they all melt together).
~Let the crayons and muffin tin cool and then pop out your new crayons. You can keep doing this over and over! No need to throw crayons in the garbage, ever! Great for chubby hands and fingers!

When the markers all dry up we use them for painting. The kids stick the markers in water cups and they’re suddenly water color paint brushes. It’s fun and a great way to make the most of those markers.

So thanks, My Greening: Going Green, for this crayon recycling reminder. A great Earth Day project and everyday project to do with the kids! Personally we love the  Stockmar block crayons from Natural Pod and their vibrancy so give them a try!

Why not? Great tips for free!

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