Using old barn doors for your home. #DIY #Remodeling #Home

Pinterest seems to have sparked something in me to want to renovate and be all DIY –which really isn’t me. I’m terrible at home projects because I never measure, I’m too impatient and what I have in my head isn’t what I end up creating and I then get frustrated. Sure, I’ve painted a chalk wall and bought a can of spray paint or two but that’s the extent of it. My sister on the other hand, she’s crafty and likes to make jewelry, paint walls on her own (I hire someone.), experiment with the DIY projects like sewing her own curtains. (I buy them.)

My sister’s new passion or obsession is creating a barn door slider for her basement to divide the large space. I’ve seen these projects on Pinterest and pinned a few (In awe.) but to do this on my own, I’m not sure I could swing it. I think my sister is 100% capable though she might have to have assistance.  My assistance to her is finding the sliding barn door hardware, the barn door itself and yes, the track system. After all, you can’t just pin the cool projects and expect for it to happen-right?

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The cool thing about Pinterest (follow me here)is you can just pin and dream but I’d love to see my sister’s dream of having a sliding barn door in her basement become a reality. I also think it would look pretty darn cool and rustic looking. The ones I’ve seen in magazines, on television and on Pinterest look pretty sweet.

Tell me, what do you pin and dream about making a reality?

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