My great grandma was always prepared. She went through the Great Depression as a child and would waste nothing. Her root cellar was full of supplies and if I shivered with fear to think I might have to go down there to get a jar of canned Dilly Beans (my favorite). I remember it being dark, cold and full of cobwebs.

I don’t have a root cellar but I like to be prepared and I think my great grandma Gertrude rubbed off on me. I have an emergency kit in my basement with canned food, protein bars, a First Aid kit, etc. I think some of it might be expired so I might need to update the kit but at least I have one!

Part of being prepared, in my opinion, is having light when the power goes out. This has happened to us several times and a stubbed toe at 2am with crying children…not fun! Once we lost our power for 3 days and at the time we did not have a generator (now we do). This has taught me to be prepared and to make sure I have supplies to see my way through the pitch black house to help the kids, find a Band-Aid and not run into a wall. After all, that hurts!

Rayovac Emergency Power and Light Kit

My solution is a  light kit and power kit. I have this kit fully stocked with everything I will need in the hallway closet. The closet is centered between our bedrooms and the living room so it is easy to get to when needed and everyone is aware of where it is placed. It is stocked with Rayovac LED Twin Pack Flashlights (for the kids to wear around the neck), a virtually indestructible LED flashlight, a 7-hour power charger for our phones and electronics (you need to be able to communicate with the outside world, call 911 and listen for weather reports), lots of batteries in all sizes, candles and matches.  I am have my great grandma to thank (and a few stubbed toes) for teaching me that it is always good to be prepared!  Hopefully we won’t lose power but if we do I’ll be able to see where I’m going in my house!

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Do you have an emergency power and light kit? 

Disclaimer: I’m a Rayovac blogger and I’ve been compensated for my time.


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