creating momentum

A friend of mine online shared a post about creating momentum in your day. I admit I don’t do most of these things. I only sometimes make my bed. I am too lazy to get up and shower before the kids leave for school so I put a hat on and shower on my lunch break (working from home rocks). I also don’t make time for breakfast or lunch on a regular basis.

Surprisingly, I get stuff done and lots of stuff too!

What I haven’t done much of is writing. This is too bad because I like to write and put my thoughts down on paper/computer.  I like to share recipes, tips, advice, stories and more with you.

The article said to write each day to create momentum. I’m not sure I’ll do this each day but I am going to try and this is my start. My start to creating some blogging momentum for myself and not because I have to but because I want to and well because I can!

Maybe I’ll even try showering and making my bed too! Tell me what do you do on this list each day to create momentum in your life?

Why not? Great tips for free!

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