Plastic toys cover my house and the commercialism and junk that sometimes invade the basement, living room and children’s room…it’s too much. It’s taking away from my children just using their creativity and imagination. Whatever happened to just playing with stick, leaves and rocks and having a few toys that would keep a child busy? What I’ve discovered, it isn’t my children wanting this or that but sometimes me giving into the commercial, colors, wanting to give them what I didn’t have or thinking a toy is really neat and it might keep them busy for more than five minutes. Wrong! The toys just clutters up the house and I waste my money.

Since discovering Natural Pod and learning more from their newly launched blog on sowing the seeds of creativity I have learned that my children are choosing the toys that are opened ended. My daughter is playing with safe dolls that are cotton and wool with corn based fillers verses who knows what is sewn into the doll made in China. My son is pretending he is a king with the wool crown and both children fight over the silk cape and crown. I need another set! The video I made shows my son playing one morning before we all came out into the living room and even though the television is on he has decided to play and this continued all morning long.

Here are the items my children are loving right now from Natural Pod and they are 22months and 4 1/2 years old…

Wool Crown

Rainbow Silk Cape

Rainbow Silk Streamer

Moon Baby

Poot & Poogie Doll

View my review of the Moon Baby and Poot & Boogie doll by visiting this Go Green Tube link.

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