Yesteryear Clothes Pins, a simple play item for any household. Trying to get back to simpler items for play and items that are open ended, it can be a challenge. When I discovered Natural Pod (eye roll, I know I talk about them all the time but I like their toys) I loved how open ended the toys were. As a preschool teacher, I like to see children play and use their imagination. Dramatic play has always been one of my favorite parts of preschool, I learn so much from the children about who they are, what developmental stage they are at and what I can work with them on. All through observing their dramatic creative play!

My children are ill today and it is challenging to find things to keep their achy bodies busy. They don’t seem to want to rest like I want them too! Alas, the Yesteryear Clothes Pins and the mismatched sock basket. All I needed was to hang the clothesline up and the children immediately started playing, matching and sorting. Even Rex wanted to help! The children stayed busy for a very long time and my daughter (only 2) even started to catch on. My son (4) had the most amount of fun and it was just a simple activity but he became very engaged. Watch as the children count, sort and practice hanging the mismatched socks up with the Yesteryear Clothes Pins!

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