I contacted the Croc™ Company via the phone and spoke with a great customer service representative, Daniel. He has an interesting job; people have actually called and asked him if they can eat the shoe! For real, it’s on their FAQ page! After my informal, impromptu interview I have a ruling on Crocs™—they rock! They receive the first ever (I’m just now making this up) Green & Clean Mom seal of approval! Someday I’ll add the “s” to mom and have a real seal (stay tuned for that big event)!!!

Here are my reasons…

1) They are made all over the world (Florida, China, Canada, Mexico and Brazil) so they aren’t biased. I might want to buy made in the U.S.A. products but someone in China might not. That’s fair, right?

2) They aren’t rubber or latex. Oh, no they’re Croslite ™ PCCR material. So what the heck is this Croslite™ material? Well after scouring the internet (a do my best researcher) I have come to discover that Croslite™ PCCR is basically a blend of Leverix ™ (a Italian Patented material) and EVA, according to U.S. News. What does this mean for me, it’s a closed cell property and that means there won’t be spread of bacteria or gross odor and I have to say a great big “AMEN” to that because my four year old has some stinky feet!

3) Yes, it’s a petroleum products BUT it’s a byproduct of crude oil. So if we don’t produce something from it—won’t it just be dumped? Why not make some Crocs™? I think they are terribly comfortable and for the cost, I say use that byproduct, especially since Leverix™ is indeed one of the most recyclable plastics on the market! Hence my next point….

4) The company has started Soles United ™ to help recycle the old Crocs™ and make new ones for children in third world countries with no shoes. Sweet! If you visit the website there are two locations to send old Crocs™ to. A great community service activity for a school, Girl Scout troop or other organization. I plan to do something with this in my community this September, after everyone’s through wearing their Crocs™ and they’re worn and ragged.

Okay, this isn’t a fashion blog and I’m not a fashion expert (see me at 7 a.m in the moning) and I’ve read over and over how ugly the Crocs™s are. I think they’ve come a long ways, with many fashionable designs and colors. I love how cute they look on my daughter and that in itself scores a huge plus in my book! They have the American Podiatric Medical Association thumbs up and that’s a good thing! I’ve also read that the only thing “green” about Crocs™ would be they come in this color option. Look, this site is for moms of all shades of green so if you’re offended by this and freaked out…I never claimed to be an environmentalist, scientist or perfect. Instead, I think we should be up in arms about the knock offs that aren’t using byproducts or recyclable material, but that’s my opinion. Over shoes, I say pick your battles and seeing that they aren’t toxic, use a byproduct, they’re recylable, cost effective, easy to clean, and the company is putting shoes on the feet of barefoot children across the world with recycled efforts…thumbs up!!!

Ahhh…and how do I clean my Crocs™? First off let me tell you that Daniel did not endorse this method and that I in NO way shape or form take responsibility for any damages caused my the method I personally use to clean my Crocs™. My family chooses to use our dishwasher because the Crocs™ come out like brand new. NOW, be advised that soap and water is the best method and I have heard that there can be melting, damage and shrinkage to by using my cleaning choice. My disclaimer is this: clean as directed by the company and any other methods that you personally choose would be at your own risk whether it be on my blog or from your next door neighbor. Everyone’s dishwasher, detergent and temperature is different! So don’t come yelling at me because you go and shrink or ruin your dishwasher, it isn’t my fault. I’m just telling you what I do, you make your own darn choices!

P.S. I told the Easter Bunny and all of his affiliates to please not bring my kids candy but what’s a mom to do??? Wait I know, try our best!!! At least she got a cute pair of Crocs! I have to also note this was note I wasn’t paid to post this and I did try to contact the company a few times for some giveaways! I like to treat all of my readers with sexy and sassy giveaways! I never heard back. Sadness!

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