Wednesday (the last day to win a organic tee) is the day I grocery shop and cantaloupe is on my grocery list because my four year old loves this fresh fruit, plus it’s on sale! Except, yesterday there was a report from, CNN, stating that 14 people were hospitalized due to a salmonlla link from a grower in Honduras. The FDA linked 50 cases to the melon coming from Honduras. The president of this country cut open a melon and took a bite out of one to demonstrate it’s safety. Okay, so now I’ll go buy a cantaloupe because I completely trust him! The woo is that 1,500 hundred people have been laid off and most of them are single moms. I’m all about helping the single mom but I’m not going to buy melon that could be linked to salmonlla. Another reason, in my opinion, to buy local and if possible organic.

Covered in snow, there’s nothing local about my produce right now. Maybe buying cantaloupe right now isn’t such a good idea but the FDA has suggested all U.S. grocers pull the melons but click here for a list of suggestions on how to help reduce the risk of contracting the foodborne illness. It might also be a good idea to ask your local grocery store where their melons come from and mention this outbreak. I always wash my veggies and fruit with hot water because I don’t know who touched them, what was sprayed on them or where they came from…even if they are organic or local! Newsweek, ran a article about washing your fresh veggies and fruit and recommends washing even the produce you peel! So don’t stop eating the fresh stuff because it’s the best for your health but be cautious and wash away!

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