This is the first Holiday season in years that I have not gorged myself and packed on a few extra pumpkin pie pounds. I have been evaluating why that is, since the goodies are still available and my sweet tooth is screaming “eat more”. The reason is CrossFit! I joined our local CrossFit in July and have never felt better.

Knowing that I have to get up in the morning and work out harder then I’ve ever pushed myself, curbs my munchies. CrossFit is like no other workout I have participated in. I went through the police academy, was a local gym junkie, ran a half marathon, tried P90X and other videos but nothing compares. CrossFit molds your body and mind to crave more then a cookie, you want a healthy life. You have a coach and team of members cheering you on everyday. Each day is a new workout, so you never get bored. Your body can do things you never thought possible and you get to share your progress, triumph, aches and pains with a group of devoted members. I have never experienced such camaraderie, fun, and body blowing results before. I am in the best shape of my life and I have only been working out there for 5 months. Our CrossFit also incorporates nutritional challenges so it’s an overall lifestyle change!

Holding myself accountable, having others hold me accountable and being the best role model I can for my daughter has changed my life. My daughter loves to workout with me and our new CrossFit facility is going to have CrossFit Kids. I have to be a role model for my daughter and that means eating healthy (most the time), working out and pushing my mental and physical abilities to the max.

Tips that have helped me stay fit:

-Find a workout routine that works for you

-Have a team of friends that hold you accountable when you don’t show up to workout

-Hold yourself accountable

-Make it fun

-Compete with someone, everyone likes a good competition. Example (who can do the most push-ups, sit-ups, run the farthest, etc.).

-Don’t fret over the weight, focus on the lifestyle change.

-Put your workout clothes next to your bed so it’s the first thing you see in the morning. You’re either putting them on when the alarm goes off or packing them for your after work workout.

-Don’t give up!! Push through the pain, it’s worth it.

-Incorporate your family if possible

Make it a point to have a healthy happy 2012. Happy New Years!

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Haley is an avid fitness guru, mother, police officer and officer of the court. Haley and her family are working to go green with the help of her sister, Green and Clean Mom.