Learn the Cups Song and Lyrics

The cup song, it is all the rage in my home. My daughter practices it on the bathroom floor and I hear bang, bang, bang but she is so happy. Ah and yes, my computer has been taken over by a six year old who is obsessed with learning the cup song from the movie Pitch Perfect (which they have not seen) and this means we’ve watched YouTube tutorials had to learn the lyrics and over-and-over watch Lennon and Maisy’s YouTube channel because my daughter just LOVES them. Besides my computer being hijacked we’ve had to endure the banking of cups and closely overseeing the YouTube watching because inappropriate stuff is known to show up when least expected!

Here’s a few of our favorite videos for nailing the CUP SONG:

Best Tutorial for the Cup Song:

Lyrics for Miss Me When I’m Gone:

Lennon and Maisy Stella – Call Your Girlfriend (we watch this over-and-over-and-over):

This is a pretty cool “Cups” video too and I think I’m guilty of watching this one the most:

Tell me I’m not the only mom going through this right now. I’m even secretively practicing and might have to make a YouTube video! Why not, everyone else is doing it!

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