Water BizI completly respect my good friend Kathy over at The Safe Mama and when she refered me to one of her clients, Water Check Biz, because she thought I would like their products and what they were about she was more than right.  Thank you Kathy…I love this product!!!! When I was contacted by Water Biz I immeidatly said yes, who wouldn’t want to use a simple little bath ball that hangs on the faucet and uses a recyclable filter that filter chlorine from bath water?

It is very simple and inexpensive to slip this ball onto your faucet and  run your child’s bath water through the bath ball and give your child a safer bath. My personal sense of smell is not as strong as others and we do have a household filtering system but I did  notice my daughter skins was less “itchy” and dry. A simple solution for flitering your child’s bath water the cost is minimal. Check out WaterCheck.Biz for more information on how you can help your child have a safer bath.

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