The month of June on my calendar consists of Father’s Day, graduation parties and weddings. It’s a busy, busy, time of year. Besides the fact that I have to stock up on gifts for all of these monumental occasions I need to afford to give gifts. In a perfect world I’d visit my money tree, pluck some cash and go shopping but life doesn’t really work like this. Boy I wish it did. Luckily, I have eBay to keep me afloat for extra cash so that I can afford the month of June!

Selling on eBay

Step one for me this month has been to list items and make some extra cash. Which I’ve been successful at and today sold an electric razor I bought my husband years ago. It sold for over $90 and had dozens of bids.  I was able to clean out my closet and find some nice looking shoes that I purchased on sale and “had to have” but really I never wear. Again, sold and my wallet has expanded so I’m able to start my shopping after I list a few more items. Next up is listing a few extra computer bags I have!

Tip:  Sell Father Day related gifts like electronics, tools and razors in May targeting Father’s Day shoppers!

Shopping for Dad and Grads with eBay

First off if you know of a grad you have to check out this 2012 Jeep®Wrangler Unlimited Edition sweepstakes for a chance to win the sweet ride! Just head to the eBay Facebook page and sign the virtual yearbook, share the entry on your wall and for every friend that enters the sweep from your post, you’ll receive an additional entry!

Okay now let’s talk shopping because eBay has a sweet Dads & Grads Gift Guide with everything right there at your fingertips! Especially if you’re not sure what to get that someone special, this guide will give you plenty of ideas of you could just go with an eBay gift card and make life even easier. Me, I’m a gift card lover!

Tip:  If you’re out an about shopping use your eBay phone application to make sure you’re getting the very best deal. You might be surprised to see you’re over spending!

Win Dad a Father’s Day Gift

I love giving my husband and father gifts but I really like to win them and not spend a penny! They don’t need to know! Beginning May 28 through Father’s Day if you post a photo of dad on the eBay Facebook page you could win one of their daily prizes. So dig out the old photos and get ready to start posting!

Tip:  Ask dad what he wants this Father’s Day and he might actually tell you this year! Don’t give up asking, you never know.

So what tips do you have for surviving the month of June to not go broke with all of the gift giving? What do you want to give dad this year?

Disclaimer: I am an eBay parent ambassador and this is a compensated post. My opinions are my own and I regularly sell and buy on eBay.

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