You know those days where you need tranquility? The days where you have a never ending to-do list and your head is pounding? I have probably far too many of those days! Whether I’m folding the laundry and the kids are asking me one million questions or I’m in my home office diving through data and trying to reply to a million emails…I need something soothing to calm my nerves.  Taking a bath and escaping it all is not in the cards.

For these all too common types of days I like to use my SpaRoom™ to create a more soothing and tranquil environment.  I may not be able to escape all together but when I’m using my SpaRoom™ with essential oils the living room, bedroom or home office becomes a little bit calmer. I especially like to use this when I’m having a tough time winding down in the evening. The evenings where my mind won’t quit and I cannot fall asleep.

spaRoom-aroma-mistI was lucky enough to review the AromaMist (retails for $60.00) and I have to tell you, I love it. No joke, I really do and I use it daily.  Here is what I love about it:

  • All I need is h20, nothing else unless I choose to add essential oils (which I usually do)!Aroma Mist
  • My home office is dry and I spend a lot of time in there so I appreciate the consistent humidification. It helps me breath better and my skin feels not as dry and itchy.
  • In the evening when I finally get to call it a night the changing colors and glow is calming and relaxing. Along with lavender essential oil I can finally attempt to shut my mind off!
  • There are no chemicals!
  • It runs continually for three hours and then shuts off.

If you’re like me and you could use a little tranquility in your life I highly recommend the AromaMist by SpaRoom™!

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