I don’t show you that the stuff in my house is unorganized and has piled up. I’ve been so busy working, blogging and just being a mom that it was easier to shut the drawer, hide the piles behind the door and forget about it. I’m showing you this very embarrassing video for two reasons.

1.  Accountability. I hope that I will do what I say because I’ve posted this online and will feel as though I owe it to you to show you I actually got organized and rid of the clutter!

2.  Motivation. Maybe you’ll become motivated to simplify, donated items or start recycling what you are not using.

A few websites that I have used for inspirations, ideas and guidance:

Simple Mom

Home Ec-101

Do you have drawers, closets or even rooms that seem to get away from you? How do you tackle this and stay on top of the clutter and mess?

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