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As a career woman and small business owner I’m trying to decide for myself how to define success. In fact perhaps I have to redefine success for myself. Since attending the Blissdom Conference in Dallas and hearing Sheila Marcelo speak my mind and heart are trying to find a way to be in sync – if that makes any sense what-so-ever!

These words are hanging over me when it comes to my career and business choices:

“If it moves the needle or you’re not going on vacation you should say no.”

Last night my husband said again how nice it was to have me home. He said, “There’s a sense of calmness when you are home.”

Calm would not be the word I would choose to describe our days or evenings but then I started thinking this over. Yes, I suppose there is a sense of calmness with everything moving in a fluent motion. The house is clean, the bills are paid, and everyone is on schedule and life just sort of tick-tocks with a nice little hum. We have chaos but his words made be realize, I’m a very important person when it comes to our family dynamic. My family needs me. They can survive without me, yes but they do need me.

A sense of calmness when I’m home my husband says, the words are ringing in my ears. Maybe this sounds mundane and boring but perhaps this is my success. My business operates from wherever my computer or phone is and therefore I can still be successful without having to take every opportunity that knocks at my door.

Yes, it means I have to say no more and spend my efforts building my business from my home, where I can move the needle but still keep that sense of calm for my family. This doesn’t mean no travel, I’ll have to still travel but will it move the needle? That is something I’ll have to consider more carefully in the future.

After all, I am raising two very important little people.

What moves the needle for you? How do you define success?

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