Probably two years ago I picked up the book, Big Green Purse and it’s now one of my “green guides” for tips, how-to’s, facts and information related to going green and being wise about shifting my dollars to sway the market. Lately I’ve learned that money talks and way too much is centered around dollars than doing good. The issue with BPA for example has to do with big dollars and the chemical industry. The one thing that inspires me most comes from the book Big Green Purse and this is the concept that if we all shift just a portion of our income towards safer, greener, healthier products it sways marketing and makes a huge impact. I’ve seen this in my own life with glass bottles. Two years ago I paid an arm and leg for four glass bottles but because of consumer demand they are now on the shelf of just about any major retail store. I’ve seen this work and it doesn’t take a huge shift of your budget just a lot of people caring and shifting.

Diane MacEachern is someone I greatly admire and though I’ve only met her one time her book as left a lasting diane-full-bodyimpression on me. I felt honored when she asked to do an interview and feature Green and Clean Mom this month at her blog but I was equally curious about what her answers would be to the very same questions she asked me! I’m sure you’ll learn more about Diane MacEachern through this brief interview and for a great gift, read and continued motivation visit her website, blog and use your spending power however you can to make a difference!

Why am I writing this blog instead of doing something else with my time?

For years, I developed public education campaigns on the environment. But their success depended on the traditional news media. If reporters weren’t interested in my story, the story never got told. I blog so I can tell my story directly to the people who can use it the most – mainly women consumers whose purchasing power can make a huge difference in protecting themselves and the planet. (Plus…I’m a really lousy piano player. Lessons just won’t help at this point.)

Who are you trying to reach, and why?

I’m trying to reach anyone who spends money, but especially women. Money is the big motivator for companies to reduce pollution, save energy, and minimize their use of toxic substances: hence my focus on consumers. Women spend $.85 of every dollar in the market, which gives them enormous opportunity to make a difference. Hence my focus on women! If we can get women to shift their spending to products and services that offer the greatest environmental benefit, we can get a greener, cleaner world faster. The way we spend our money is also our first line of defense. The government will probably never adequately restrict toxic chemicals. But we can reduce our exposure to toxins significantly if we shift our spending.

With such an active blog, why did you write your Big Green Purse book?

There is so much information consumers need to know to make informed green living and shopping decisions. I wanted to provide a great resources for people who wanted environmental background, company links, product references, and resources. Plus, I’m still a fan of sitting down with a cup of tea and a really great book – I personally love the experience reading a book offers, especially after a full day looking at a computer monitor!

Do you have a favorite post?

My favorite posts are any that profile the women who have joined our One in a Million campaign. The campaign urges women to be intentional in the way they shop for green goods. We don’t want people to spend more money being green! We do want to help folks realize that swapping out green goods for conventional ones – like a sponge in place of paper towels – will save them money and protect the planet, too. I’ve heard from grandmothers, single moms, women with bigger families – and their stories are very inspiring!

Where do you want to make the biggest difference?

Big Green PurseI hope Big Green Purse inspires people to use their consumer clout to get the world they want. The way we spend our money either says, “Yes, we approve of the way you do business,” or “Uh-uh. We’re changing to protect ourselves, our families, and our world.” Given all the advertising that bombards us, it’s easy to feel like we don’t have much choice in the way we love or what we buy. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Why not? Great tips for free!

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