My family likes to eat dinner together but sometimes our schedules just don’t permit it. I’m off to a meeting, my husband is running late or a child has an after school activity! Though we strive to eat together I am always aiming to at least plan a healthy meal that is fulfilling. I’m sure you are with me on this one! I can get into the habit of asking myself what is for dinner at dinner time and then in a pinch ordering take out!

Admit it, you do it too!

So this year I’m getting organized and through our busy lives I’m making sure that we stay on track to healthy wholesome meals each night, even if I do some freezing and we eat left overs! Over the Horizon Back to School Community, I’m hosting a discussion on this topic and would love your ideas and tips for how you are stay on track at dinner time. Share your secret tips for make ahead dinners, low cost dinner and recipes! We all need recipes!

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