Who dreads the tedious chore of making dinner? I know several of you do, I read it on twitter J. Putting in a long day of work on top of picking the kids up from daycare, school, sports, cleaning from the crazy weekend, doing laundry……….and then having to make dinner , what a pain. Luckily I have an awesome hubby that does all of our cooking.  I get to come home and do the rest of the stuff on the list but dinner is already checked off.

There are occasions where my hubby is out of town and I am stuck doing the dreaded chore of cooking. I will tell you right now, I hate cooking!!  My lovely sister bought me a cook book called Any Bitch Can Cook, and my aunt in-law gave me a kids cook book; hoping to help. I must admit I do like the kids cook book.  Anyhow, to make a long story short, I hate to cook! If it were just me I would eat a bowl of cereal or a PBJ for dinner and be just fine.

After I had my daughter it became important to me to learn a skill to pass on to her and a way to spend quality time with her. I was a little self conscious to tell you the truth, my husband cooks, hunts, fishes, and is good at math and science; I didn’t feel like I had a chance.  While I have picked up some new tricks I still think meal time is pivotal in the development and bonding of a family. I try to sit in the kitchen while my husband is cooking, ask questions, and make sure we all eat together.  I’m hoping to take over my husband role when he is gone instead of my family dropping off food so we don’t starve.

Disney who thrives off of family fun is hoping to help me and other mothers like me out. Disney Family Fun has created a special collector’s issue, Dinnertime! which hit newsstands May 4.

Disney’s Dinnertime issues is filled with over 98 easy recipes, the pages gather the best dinner ideas from 19 years of their publication. Every recipe is family-tested and approved. The hope is that Dinnertime! Will make family meals simple and stress-free and they offer chapters with specific solutions to common dinner dilemmas, including:

·        Cheap eats: savory $$ savers

·         30-minute meals

·         Picky eater pleasers

·         Break out of your rut: rethinking old faves

·         Dishes that teach kids cooking skills

And because family meals aren’t just about the food, Dinnertime! also serves up a generous helping of fun: conversation starter games, dinner-hour crafts, fun at the table, and more!  You can purchase Dinnertime! on newsstands and at www.familyfun.com/dinnertime. Have a funny and yummy Dinner!!

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