We all know that parenting is the hardest job out there but being a kid can be hard too. It seems that the tween years are the most difficult to parent and even more difficult to be experiencing. The tween years are the most confusing and influential time for kids. It’s not always easy to be a tween or a tween parent and Discovery Girls understands that.

Discovery Girls offers a magazine addition created by girls for girls, ages 8-12. It features real girls dealing with real life situations and allows the girls to express themselves, share ideas, connect with other girls and discover helpful tips for handling life’s ups and downs.

Even though I’m 31 I still remember what a confusing time the tween years were. You have so many questions and experiences that you are dealing with but not always sure who to ask and where to turn. Discovery Girls helps answer some of those questions and experiences and gives safe appropriate advice. The magazine and Fab Girls Guide to Getting Your Questions Answered covers a plethora of topics such as friends that are bad influences, being new in town, dealing with friend and family issues, lying, fashion problems, body image and self esteem issues, hygiene, boy crushes, peer pressure, school problems, health and beauty topics, helping others, helping the environment and more.

I read both the magazine and guide and thought it was great but I wanted a tweens opinion. I gave the magazine and guide to a family friend, Isabella, who is going into 6th grade this year. I felt she could provide me with a more accurate review of the product. Her grandmother and mother read over the content before allowing her to and felt that it was more then appropriate and gave great advice. I spoke with Isabella and her first question to me was “is this magazine and guide published, if it’s not it should be”. That was my first indication that she liked it. I asked her what she liked or disliked about the magazine and guide and she didn’t have anything negative to say about it. She informed me she liked the guide the best but enjoyed the magazines as well. She felt that the content was good and it answered questions she had and gave good advice.

I’m really happy to see a healthy and helpful magazine available to pre-teen girls. This is a great gift idea if you are stumped as to what to get your tween. I think these magazines should be in doctors offices and in every tween household. It’s helpful to the kids but also to the parent. While reading the content it brought me back to that stage in my life and could be a great reminder to parents as to what there kids might be experiencing and questions that they might have. It opens doors for conversation and can be helpful to both parents and their tween daughters.

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