I turned on the faucet and filled my glass with cold water and chugged it. I do this all the time, don’t you? I never thought about the water containing trace levels of pharmaceuticals, having chlorine or microbial cysts – whatever those might be. No, I just drank my 8 oz of H20 without wondering about lead, mercury or other containment’s floating in my water or invisibly being there, nope I just drank the liquid. Except, maybe I should be concerned about my tap water, especially since the water came from my bathroom sink with no filtration system on the tap. Nothing to filter the nasty stuff out of my water! Wait; is there really nasty stuff in my water?  If you’re not sure check out this interesting drinking water locator to learn about local drinking water and what is commonly found, just click here. You might be surprised!

 The EPA estimates that 20% of human exposure to lead happens with their drinking water.

 Lead can come from corrosion of plumbing and pipes going into your home. It also can get into the water supply through erosion of natural deposits. Exposure to lead has been linked to delays in physical or mental development in children. In adults, lead exposure may potentially cause kidney problems and high blood pressure when exposed to levels above the EPA maximum-contaminant level for extended periods of time.

 Concerned About Your Drinking Water?

There are numerous options out there but recently, PUR Water Filtration System sent me their water pitcher and faucet water purification system and here are some of my thoughts after trying it out.

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Image Credit: PURwater.com
  1. The installation was a breeze. Simple, no tools or husband needed!
  2. The water tasted crisp and clean. Seriously, it tasted better!
  3. The pitcher is sleek and fits perfectly in my sister’s camper refrigerator; I love this because having clean water when we go
    Image Credit: PURwater.com

    camping with her is essential!

  4. When I use the system I feel good because PUR helps the planet by reducing 38 billion plastic water bottles. Seeing that I use my water bottle every day, I love this because it saves me from buying bottled water, I can fill my own water bottle with clean water every day!
  5. Maybe it is mind over matter now that I know that the EPA and CDC estimates that there are 16 million waterborne illness each year associated with drinking water but I just feel better about drinking my water which means I now drink more of it!

Help Others and Educate Yourself

Help donate 10 liters of clean drinking water to those that need it most with just one click on the PUR Facebook page! Who doesn’t like to help others?

Learn more about bottled water and the environmental impact of all those plastic water bottles on why filtering your own water and taking your own water bottle can make a big difference!











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