I got an email the other day and the person asked if I slept. No. Okay, sometimes. I actually do well with 5-6 hours and then every four or five days I will crash early (before 10 pm) and catch up. It really just depends on what posts I am writing, what I am researching, who I’m reading, what’s on television, if the bills have to be paid, etc. By nature, I’m a night owl but learning to be an early bird and still maintain my night owl hours, it is a little difficult. I’ve also been diagnosed with insomnia and have currently been taking a all natural sleep complex that has worked wonders but I have to take it regularly.  I’ve opted out of all the pharmacy stuff because my mouth tasted like I was sucking on a penny and I would pass out and not hear the children, that can’t be safe!

So much comes down to organization and time management. Household responsibilities, taking children to this activity or appointment, grocery shopping, hair cuts, volunteering, meetings, etc…it adds up to a lot of stuff to do.  Now I’m heading back to work part-time for a grant by the State of Michigan to help advocate and be the voice for parents with young children. Maybe you’ve heard of the Great Start System in Michigan or your state has something similar to this. I’m super excited to be using my education and degree (soon to be Master degree) and helping to give a voice to parents in area. It seems like there is such a push for education when kindergarten starts but 0-5 is a crucial time to begin educating our children and supporting their needs, moms know this!

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Plus, I’m really diving into the business aspect of my blog and where I want to go with it. I’m loving what I do. I love my readers (YOU) and I love learning about green topics, writing, networking and really just having my own business. I want to mesh everything together and that is why I created the Mommy Go Green Blogger Tours.

I have more things up my sleeve, you just wait!

I get so inspired and wish I had more hours in the day (don’t we all).  What really inspires me happens to be my children and knowing that when I am doing what makes me happy I am being happy, upbeat and making good choices for them. Mental health is super important moms and my doing what I do is because it make me happy. Yes, there is pressure and sometimes stress but if I can use good time management and prioritize it works out.

What do you do that makes you happy? Do you blog and maybe you want to join the Mommy Go Green Blogger Tour? How many hours of sleep do you get a night? How do you fit what you love into a 24 hour period or don’t you?

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