As a parent of a two year old I have mixed emotions when my daughter stuffs her mouth full of berries. First, I am elated that she loves fruit and is eating healthy but I also cringe knowing that I might not get the berry stains out of her clothes. I was always under the impression that berries stain not clean but I guess that’s not the entire truth. I was introduced to a new berry product that actually cleans clothes vs. staining them; hard to believe isn’t it?

I was just introduced to a new laundry detergent, Berry Plus, made from 95% berries and 100% plant based. You only need 2ml (a little less than half a teaspoon) to clean up to 30lbs of laundry. I guess green does grown on trees, you get to save money and the planet all in one. Once the soap berry trees produce their berries the cleaning agent is extracted from the soap berries, mixed with water and you get a safe, gentle, eco-conscious laundry detergent. According to Berry Plus botanists call the process sapindus mukorossi but they call it first aid for laundry.

Berry Plus wanted to make their product as environmentally friendly as possible so a single dose cleans an entire load of laundry which cuts down on waste and packaging. Berry Plus is jug free and uses micro-dose’s instead. Each dose is stored in a small vial container that is recyclable and the outer packaging is made with 80% non-GMO, plant based bio resin material. Their thought is, smaller space means smaller waste.

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Berry Plus claims that their product works in both front load, top load, and HE washers. If you have a stain you can sprinkle some of the berry plus product directly on the stain to pre-treat it. I didn’t get an opportunity to use the product as a stain remover but I did enjoy the product.

I loved the packaging, it was not only attractive but eco conscious. The amount of waste is so minimal. I don’t think I have seen another detergent company use such little packaging and waste. Way to go!! Each time I opened a micro-dose of berry plus and dumped it in the washer I was in awe at how little detergent I had to use. After drying the clothes I would check to see if they were clean and they were. They felt clean too, I don’t know how to describe what I mean by that but they just felt different. The only problem that I had with the detergent was convincing my husband that just because it didn’t produce suds or smell it’s still cleaning the clothes.

Humans have been using soap berries and other agents to clean clothes for 1000’s of years it’s time to get back in touch with our roots and nature.

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