I do not have a dog and if I did my doggy would just run out in our yard and do its business. We would have to shovel it all up, but in our town we have the poop scoopers that come and clean your yard, for a small fee. A novel entrepreneurial idea, if scooping dog doo is your thing. I suppose if you live in the city or some place without a yard, a dogs business would be somewhat of a issue. According to poopbags.com, Americans are not cleaning up over 4 millions tons of dog waste annually and when it rains it washes into our water ways. Dog waste and the lack of responsible owners cleaning up the waste means that dog doo is number three or four on the list for bacteria contamination of our water. Not cool. Steping in the stuff is one thing but having in contaminate my water is another thing.

So if you’re a responsible dog owner and you decide to use your nifty plastic wallymart bag to pick the waste up, you think you’re doing a good thing. I would normally agree and thank you because I can’t stand stepping in dog feces. Except, the waste sits in our landfill and doesn’t decompose. There is an answer, poopbags.com! Biodegradable bags for you dogs doo! The bags are made out of mater-bi, corn and other renewable resources, the heat for the doo (gross) can evaporate and the smell isn’t so bad and it will decompose within 10-45 days!

You’re probably thinking these are way too much money, so why bother. Shoot, a year’s supply is less than $60 and you get free shipping. There are even gift packs, kitty liners and sample packs for the skeptic out there. A company, founded by a single guy who started this company out of his dining room and now has upgraded to a warehouse and one employee. Unreal! I love to support green entrepreneurs and one that loves his dog and the earth deserves some green and clean mom blogging love…so spread the news.

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