Last night I enjoyed a family movie night with the kids. We popped popcorn and made root beer with the soda stream. Curled up on the couch we watched The Lorax, a Universal Studios produced movie that is a spin-off of the Dr. Seuss’ book that most of us grew up reading. I was anxious to watch this movie with the kids for many reasons. First, I love a good animated movie and secondly as a green mama I knew the lessons that could be taught from the movie were important ones. Luckily, I had the movie sent to me for review and just in time because I almost went out and bought it I was so anxious to watch it with the kids!

Let me just say, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and so did the kids. We ended up having a very natural conversation about why all of the trees were cut down and what the trees do for the environment and our health and well-being. The children began to quickly understand that we need trees to build homes and for fire wood and other uses but if we cut them all down how will we breathe and who will clean the air if we do not have plants and trees? This quickly led us to a conversation about how to responsibly use our forest for lumber and then without going over their head I explained sustainable lumber practices. It was quiet the grown up conversation and it was all sparked from watching this movie, The Lorax. You can view the YouTube trailer here if you haven’t seen the movie.

Of course, between chomping on popcorn and sipping our homemade soda we laughed at the silly grandmother and oohed and awed at the cute forest characters. A very charming and well animated movie that left all of giggling intrigued and even kept my attention from playing with my phone and checking my Facebook. I asked the kids how they liked the movie and the reply was simply when can we watch it again? Enough said.

Have you watched the movie? What did you think?

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