For my business and blog, I’m always on the go. I suspect most moms are this way, especially working moms. I’m in the car answering emails while waiting for my son. Editing a work document while the kids get their teeth cleaned at the dentist or on a conference call while my daughter is in gymnastics and all while using multiple devices. I might have my laptop, Motroloa Xoom or Droid Bionic with me at any given time.

The almost blissful thing about my Droid Bionic is Zumocast. Using Zumocast I can connect to any of my computers at home and access files, photos and music. It is similar to DropBox except I do not add everything to DropBox so there are some limitations to what I can access on the go.  This month in particular my Droid Bionic and Zumocast have been useful handling a special project at work where I need to be able to access documents from my work computer in a flash, regardless of where I am.

Check out this handy video to get started with Zumocast today:

Disclosure: I am a part of Verizon’s Midwest Moms program.  I was given a Motorola Xoom, Droid Bionic and six months of service in exchange for sharing my journey with all of you. All opinions expressed are my own.

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