Josie and Willy from Duck DynastyMy kids love Duck Dynasty. I blame my husband for this really. It’s now a regular family show in our home but I do wish A&E would choose more friendly commercials, they’re really not appropriate for children. Now this really isn’t my daughter and Willie (@williebosshog) from Duck Dynasty but she wishes it was. In fact we took almost a dozen of these photos so she could show her friends and her dad.  Most kids would love to meet a Disney star or Nickelodeon star but children want to meet Si and Willie. They want to cook with Mrs. Kay (not squirrel) and make duck calls with Jase (@JaseDuckman). Yes, it’s true. In our home the phrases like:

“Come on son.”


“Listen here Jack.”

They’re commonly heard. Si is quoted over and over by a 6 year and old and 9 year old and my husband has Phil’s thumbs up move perfected!

Me, I’m more of a yuppie and if you watch the show you know how Phil feels about yuppies but I’m guessing I’d get along with Korie (@bosshogswife) and the other wives just fine. I’d love to meet Wille because I admire is entrepreneurial skills and how he’s grown the family business – it’s really admirable.

For Wordless Wednesday I decided to add this photo but of course I had to explain it and yes, someday I hope we’ll really meet these down to earth folk. So maybe we won’t be heading to Disney next year but a Duck Dynasty event or Louisiana! If Duck Dynasty ever hosts bloggers this would be one trip I’d consider a chance of a life time and it would beat any blogger retreat out there, hands down! I might even have to try squirrel.  Or not! Hmmm I wonder if Willie has ever considered working with influential bloggers? If not he should, don’t you agree?  #JustSaying

Tell me do you watch the show and follow the family online? Do you watch it with your children? For me it’s one family/brand I’d love to work with and be aligned with.

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