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Earth Day is April 22nd and besides the fact that I have a million (okay slight exaggeration) there are several other great giveaways out there that I feel I must draw some attention to. Before I go telling you to leave my site and check out this giveaway or prize I have to share with you what my family will be doing for Earth Day.

There are festivals and fun events happening throughout my community but I’m actually going to keep it simple when it comes to my family. My kids are still young and really everyday should be Earth Day but we will do our part to contribute on this one day. First, I will be joining four other locals at a coffee shop for “green tea” and we’re going to do a live video session called, “green talk”. This actually makes me nervous because I don’t think of myself as an authority on the topic. I know more than the average person but I’m still a mom who isn’t an environmental scientist, lawyer or expert. Nonetheless, I’m invited to give my take on the topic.

Next, my family is going to take some time and walk our street and pick up all the trash we see. If every family would just pick up one mile of road we would make a very big difference. I want the kids to learn about pollution, littering and doing our part to clean things up. I think this is an appropriate lesson for a 5 and 2 year old.

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