I have a four year old (almost) that informed me I was hurting the Earth because my car was running while I was getting him and his sister buckled up and things loaded. He told me I was making the Earth hot and not feel good. So you can see that my lessons in Global Warming are sinking in and starting to bite me in the butt. I told him he was right and I turned the car off until we were ready to go. Now Valentines day is around the corner and I’d like to continue my lessons on being Earth friendly. In our home we’re continually talking about how mommy teaches others about being healthy and taking care of “Mother Earth” because of what I do for a living. My years of education and schooling (early childhood degree) tells me he needs to make a connection and be able to relate to all of this “green” talk.

February 14th in our home is a perfect time to show my little guy that he can use things we have in our home to make gifts for his friends and also a gift for daddy. Dad’s a Valentine’s baby so we also have a birthday to celebrate. Dusting off the old collection of teaching ideas I came up with a few great ideas I’ve used in the past and some new stuff. The idea behind this is to teach my son that we love the Earth so much that instead of throwing stuff in the trash and it sitting at the landfill we are going to recycle it and make something useful and give it to daddy and our friends and family to make them happy and smile.

Weathered, tried and true old Valentine Teaching Staples of Mine….

  • Take my old greeting cards, wrapping paper and misc. craft supplies and make our own Valentines. This is fun because it teaches recycling but also practices fine motor skills for cutting.
  • Use a tin can and cover it with old wrapping paper and wrap a pretty box around it for a pencil holder. Grandma’s love this.
  • Take an old picture frame and puzzle that’s missing pieces. Glue the pieces around the frame and put a picture of the child in the frame. This is great to use with buttons too! Craft glue works best for this activity.

New and improved ideas from internet searches….

Just a few ideas of the upcoming holidayEarth Friendly Ideas for V and ones that we will be trying in my home this February. Teaching our kids about how to be Earth friendly and take care of the Earth often comes from conversation and example but the children need to actually make connections for the real learning to take place. I can tell you right now my son will be explaining to the recipients of his gifts that he was recycling and why!

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