Little St. Simons Island – Where Celebrating the Earth Happens 365 Days a Year

Earth Day is here and Little St. Simons Island, tucked away off the Georgia cost, wants to reminder you and experience with you the great outdoors; while you refresh the spirit and enjoy the earth and its beauty.

Sustaining the earth is a way of life on Little St. Simons Island. From composting to land stewardship, Little St. Simons Island is one of only two organizations in the United States to have received the prestigious Bench marked Certification from Green Globe 21 for these efforts.

Little St. Simons Island is a private domain of no more than 32 overnight explorers allowed at one time. The Island consists of 10,000 intrusion-free acres of maritime forests and marshlands, seven miles of beaches, guided excursions, boating, fishing, day trips and energizing outdoor activities. From arrival, guests are introduced to the island’s dedication to conservation and preservation of nature.

Imagine walking the seven miles of beach and observing American Oyster catcher, identified as a species of concern in several states, begins to nest or observing bald eagle chicks bond with their parents. If you are a nature lover this sounds like the trip for you.

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Guess I should start saving for my next vacation.

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