Easter baskets are usually filled with candy. Plastic eggs stuffed with sugar filled jelly beans and a big chocolate bunny. A few toys, pencils and other little goodies surrounded in plastic green grass. This is how my Easter baskets used to look. If you play the Easter bunny like I do you’re most likely challenged with what to put into the baskets, should you add candy and if so what kind and how much. The challenge of not going overboard but embracing the childhood fun of finding the hidden Easter basket full of surprises – what to do?

If you are like me, you need some inspiration and not just the Target bull’s eye and red cart that you could potentially fill to the brim and then wonder how you spent so much money in just one hour.  Not falling into the world of mass consumption and waste – we’ll it is easier said than done, I know!

 5 Ways to Make an Easter Basket Unique and Fun {with or without the candy}

                                                       Source: bit.ly via Alba on Pinterest


Get Crafty! If you have time and you’re a crafty person consider making y our own bubble mix and making your child a special bubble wand. They’ll love it and have hours of fun bubble play ahead of them for just pennies spent out of the Easter bunnies pocket {cough, cough – you’re pocket}!

Focus on Jesus. I found this also on Pinterest and I like the idea of the UnEaster basket though I don’t think we could do this 100% but I like the idea of incorporating some of these ideas to focus on what Easter is really all about. How do you make sure you’re focusing on Jesus and the religious aspect of Easter for your Easter baskets?

A Garden Basket! No candy needed for this basket! Just seeds, planting tools, gardening gloves and supplies! Adorable! I love, love, love! I have to say I would probably add some candy hidden in the basket just because my kids would be sad without just a few pieces. Wouldn’t yours?

                                    Source: designmom.com via Andrea on Pinterest


Make your own Easter Grass! This is cheap and simple. Just take scrap construction paper and old office paper and use your paper shredder.  Afterwards you can recycle the paper Easter grass and you’ve been thrifty and eco-friendly!

Think Outside Play. Jump ropes, side walk chalk, knee pads, sand toys, kits and anything fun to do outside! Flip flops, swim shoes and anything and everything will encourage a child to play outside, get dirty and enjoy the natural elements. My children love when I add these types of items to their baskets and sure enough – they end up outside right after they find their baskets!

What unique Easter basket ideas do you have?





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  1. I love these ideas. My husband was saying last night that growing up his Easters were all about candy. Of course I countered, but it is about more than that, which he understood, but for some reason his comment really irked me. It isnt’t candy celebration day for goodness sake!
    Glad there are other like minded moms out there!

  2. Aw, I love this! My daughter is a little young to eat candy anyways and I think a lot of people forget about that this is the day that He rose. It’s all just candy to them, which can be disappointing. 


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