I am the blond sitting on my grandpa Brown's lap with my cousin's. Notice the Easter basket and the big smile!

Easter is a special time of year for me. A holiday that brings back such warmhearted feelings and memories of my childhood and loving grandparents, grandparents I wish were here with me today.  Grandma Gorr used to help me make my Easter bonnet for church and our school parade. Yes, we actually used to have an Easter bonnet parade at school! I loved having her help me glue on fake grass, plastic bunnies and jelly beans!  Oh and the jelly beans! I have fond memories of sneaking the jelly beans that grandma Gorr placed in a big bowl on the kitchen counter. I always got caught because I disliked the black ones and was noisy picking through the bowl.  I never got in trouble though just, “Sommer, get out of those jelly beans, I hear you!”

I Found One!

Easter egg hunts were my favorite. Both grandfathers were members of the local VFW and each Easter they held a huge Easter egg hunt.  There were some Easter’s as the family grew with more grandchildren that we had the hunts in the backyard. Both were equally fun! We had such a great time running all over the field collecting the plastic eggs filled with coins, bubble gum, jelly beans and other goodies. I remember squealing with delight filing my wicker basket and counting the eggs afterwards with such excitement. I distinctly remember my grandfathers watching, laughing and helping me count the eggs and occasionally sneaking a piece of my candy and chuckling as I hollered!

Easter Baskets Filled With Goodies

These are such tender memories for me, recollections I cherish deep down and try to recreate and give to my children through the traditions, minus the Easter bonnet – which I’m considering doing this year after writing this post.  Though most of these grandparents have passed on and watch me from Heaven, I still have my grandpa Gorr who I know must remember the egg hunts and little baskets grandma filled with goodies.

This is me in the 1990's sitting with my grandma and grandpa Gorr and my sister Haley.

Easter has of course changed over the years for my grandfather but I am certain that in his heart and mind he remembers these joy filled celebrations. I’m certain it makes him sad to think of how it used to be. It makes me sad too. Except I’m so grateful for these memories and I’m sure he is too. After all later in life what we have to cherish is all the good memories we make. I have not forgotten and to tell him how much I love him and remind him of my memories I decided to visit the Red Envelope online store to create an extraordinary Easter Basket to send his way.

I want to make my grandfather smile. I want to brighten up his day like he did for me all of those Easter egg hunts ago. I often shop Red Envelope when it comes to sending thoughtful and unique gifts. Presents that conveys a message to the recipient.  The special packaging, exceptional value and quality speak volumes and to me my grandfather only deserves the best.

This Easter I am happy that he will sink his teeth into an Organic fruit sampler – which I’m certain he’ll share with his friends at the nursing home.  And as a special treat some moist buttery vanilla bean cupcakes because after all it is Easter and so he certainly should have a treat!

What tender Easter memories do you have?

Disclaimer: This post was brought to you by Red Envelope. They generously provided me with a gift card.


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