I’ve reviewed a lot of waste free, eco-friendly lunch box systems in the last few years. I started to write the word “trend” and recognized that we’ve gone beyond a trend; trends come and go. Going waste free and non-toxic is the way to go because it is good for the planet, our kids and our pocket books. The only time I use plastic baggies now is when I’m doing snack for the kindergarten class (I like to pack a fruit, cheese and cracker variety)! My children have enjoyed these reviews and trying the new lunch systems, giving me their opinions on them being “cool”, easy to open, light, leaky, etc.
I can now report that my son has experienced no leaky apple sauce or weird looks from friends using the Easy Lunch Boxes waste free lunch box. With the multiple compartments I’ve found that it’s easy to pack, super easy to clean and light for the children to carry. The company says that the Easy Lunch Boxes are  BPA, lead, vinyl, PVC and phthalate free.

Here is what I love abo ut the Easy Lunch Boxes after they sent me the product to review:
1.  They are stackable and that saves me time from digging for tops and taking up too much space in the cabinet. Yahoo!
2.  They are dishwasher safe. I’ve had no problems with this product in the dishwasher but the company advises that they not be washed by heating element.
3. The company provides me with ideas on packing healthy lunches; with photos for inspiration!!!! I go through a burnout when it comes to packing lunches so motivation and ideas —bring them on!

Why not? Great tips for free!

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