I want to very quickly tell you that there were no expectations I would write this, share with you what I learned or tell you that they are hot. Nope – this is because I wanted to and because I feel that it is of value to you. I did not receive compensation (airfare and accommodations only and I paid for the 1st class upgrade) – though I voiced my opinion on this and now when I put it in the context of dating I don’t know how I feel about this analogy but I’m sticking to my compensation opinion because I am not for free, LOL! I got a cool water bottle and welcome package and my hotel room was very posh!

Tell me, what do you think about eBay and Kijiji? Do you know how to say Kijiji? If not, I made a quick video for you so you’re all set! Did you know that Kijiji and all the dots remind people of cute fruit loops or cheerios?

Visiting the eBay campus in San Jose I learned a few things:

1.  The Tango. Bloggers, P.R./companies are  doing the Tango trying to figure out who is the lead, how not to step on each other toes, when to dip, how not to drop the person you are dipping and wait we all need to  find the beat. It is a dance that is complicated to learn but with practice we might end up on Dancing with the Stars.

2.  Cameras Matter. Poor @AndrewRossi and Andrea from M Booth had at least a dozen cameras and iPhones attempting to take pictures of the bloggers and organizers while almost being hit by charter buses and impatient cars but the bloggers and organizers worried about the cameras! LOL! No, we cared about Andrew and Andrea but there was a lot of expensive technology at stake of being ruined by a bus!

3.  Orange Shoes and Accents are SMART! The SEO guy (Dennis) from eBay might be cute, wear orange shoes and be a fashion risk taker, speak with an adorable sexy accent but he is SMART which trumps everything. Oh and he is friends with Yoast and Pro Blogger retweets his stuff and has him guest post.

4.  Pez Dispensers and the Bathrooms are Interesting. There are Pez dispensers everywhere and it makes for some great décor but I was sort of craving some Pez after seeing the dispensers – they should have  gift store that sells them.  The men and women’s bathrooms are different from each other. I sent Andrew on a mission to inspect the men’s room (actually he was trying to stop me from going in so he accepted the challenge) because in the women’s restroom there was a strange green handle that said it was coated to protect me from germs. That freaked me out – shouldn’t I just flush and wash my hands? Well, watch this video of the interview with Andrew after his mission and you’ll see that men are simply not trusted to flush the toilet and to avoid germs there is just nothing to touch!

5.  Beer and @Ebayincblog know each other. The two sort of but not really go together. Richard (whose peeking out eyes from the blog resembles a young Dustin Hoffman) is the man responsible for the Ebayincblog.com and does the tweeting; Facebook and social media (I want his job or one just like it) makes beer and has a little pub in his home. He’s even going to Chicago’s beer festival and when he meets with his boss he wears jeans – that’s awesome!

6.  Organizers aren’t Perfectionists. Maybe some are but when I talked with a local Michigan organizer I learned that perfection keeps some people from being organized. Hmmm?

7.  Sisterhood and Twitter Handles. I don’t do names – I do Twitter handles. This is common to hear, “I’m @greenmom on Twitter, how are you? “ You’ll leave events and you know someone as @onceamonthmom but then scratch your head and think, shoot what is her name – nah, I’ll just tweet her and ask! LOL!  We bond this way because we get what each other is saying. It’s like having a pet name for your husband or speaking a different language – when someone knows what you’re saying or calls you by your nickname (@greenmom) you feel closer to them.

8.  It is a Small World. People across country from one another are more connected then I think. George who is the Kijiji tech. guru went to the University of Michigan (Go Blue!) and used to eat at my Uncle’s Deli, Amer’s Mediterranean Deli. He does the Michigan map thing with his hand and that just makes him cool.

Of course, I learned more than just 8 things while in San Jose but these are fun and interesting parts of my trip that I like to journal and make you laugh. When ever you meet smart people that are behind the scenes and tell cute stories about their cat and children like Martin, you have fun!  Besides hurting my elbow (I always get hurt on a trip) and screwing up my geography by telling Curious Jack that I want to visit the U.K and go to Prague (shut up I knew I was wrong as soon as I said it) it was a fun trip and too short!

Note:  I was not compensated for my time or to write this post but the company did pay for my travel and accommodations and as of March 14, 2010 I have not used Kijiji but I have an opinion based on what I know thus far. Kijiji is now eBay Classifieds!

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