Some of the items I've rounded up for selling on eBay!

Help! I’m out of control on eBay! Selling and buying. I’ve been having such great luck at selling items and evening winning some things like my daughter scored a set of gymnastics outfits! You’re probably thinking that I’m losing my butt on shipping and wasting my time OR maybe that you’ve tried in the past and there were all of these fees, it was too complicated and nothing ever sold.

You would be wrong about the shipping.

And maybe it used to be hard, confusing and chalked full of eBay fees but it’s not like that now. Check out the details on what it costs to sell on eBay and you’ll find it very reasonable. After all, resale shops take a 50 percent cut!

Beyond the first three tips I’ve already give you , let me give you some tips on what I’ve found has worked for me and some links to make selling easy.  First, let me break down a few numbers so you’ll see that a profit is possible.

  • So far this month I’ve listed 8 items and sold 3. My grand total in sales equals $149.99.
  • I purchased tape for $3.99
  • My shipping boxes and envelopes were all free. I’ve saved boxes and envelopes in closet for years and had exactly what I needed.
  • Shipping for all three items $23.45

My eBay profit:  $122.55

eBay selling Tips and Links

  • Offer free shipping. It really does work. Items that I’ve listed where I’ve charged for shipping have not sold. I’ve slightly increased the price of the item to make up the difference and I choose the cheapest shipping method. eBay offers some great shipping options and tips under Sell>Shipping Center. Having a scale, printing shipping labels at home and have the carrier pick up obviously saves time and money (I’m not there yet).
  • What You Charge Matters. I’ve been playing with this and honestly because I offered free shipping for a computer bag that only sold for $12 and cost $9.82 to sell, I did not make out so hot. Seeing that there were watchers and questions I now know that this bag could have sold for more. Lesson learned; see how the other items listed are similar to your item. Compare the price, condition and shipping options and be competitive but not foolish!
  • Go Mobile. My eBay android application with the scanner has made listing items a cinch. It was free and as I see items in my home I can search items that are listed to see what they are selling for and scan the bar code to immediately list my item! Love it!
  • Free Tech Selling Guide. Technology is hot to sell and fun to buy! eBay provides you with a free tech selling guide to make selling and buying easy! Any old technology sitting around your house that you’re ready to sell?
  • eBay top 10 Selling Tricks. Like I’ve said, I’m hooked. In just a short time I’ve listed items, made a profit and maybe spent all of one hour. eBay has provided some tips to help you make this possible, in addition to what I’ve suggested based on my success.  Check out their top 10 eBay selling tricks.

I don’t know about you but the extra cash is nice to have. The items I would have donated or given away are now out of my house and my wallet is thicker. It all started with a desire to clean out some space for some exercise equipment that I hope to buy on eBay but now I’m thinking Christmas money!

What could you do with the extra money?

Disclaimer:  I am an eBay parent panel member and this post is sponsored. My opinions and thoughts are my own.

Why not? Great tips for free!

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