Two years go eBay and I started building a relationship, so to speak. I’ve actually been buying and selling on eBay since 2004 but like most companies or brands I buy from, shop from or patronize I don’t really “know” the company. Take Ford, for example. My grandfather worked for the company for years, I’ve driven their cars but not until I went to a Ford event in Detroit years ago I did I realize the history and their Eco-friendly efforts.  Not until I went to Pennsylvania and took the Hershey, Pennsylvania tour did I understand that Hershey wasn’t just a chocolate bar that I put on smores.  A community was built around a chocolate factory and that many of the structures we built during the great depression. I wouldn’t have learned about the Hershey school or foundation.  Learning more about a company, the brand, history, mission, and people behind the company makes supporting the company, buying from the company or using their services, eating their food, shopping their stores a different feel.

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For years, I just bought and shopped eBay but I had no idea that an entire community existed, people made a living selling on eBay and that there was an eBay radio show! I did not know that there was an eBay University! I had no idea that this online selling and buying platform I used called eBay was started in 1995 had sold over $66 billion dollars by 2011 and has over 100 million active users all over the world. No, I just bought cute shoes and so unwanted items in my closet. I did not know the company, eBay, Inc. had values and a green team focusing on sustainability and green eCommerce. That they were about shaping the industry and that they cared about their employees, the ones that made it possible for me to buy and sell. AND the employees care about us and charitable organizations in their own communities.

In 2011: GIVE Teams awarded grants totaling $625,000 to 160 charitable organizations around the world.

Learning More Has Given Me More

Thank you eBay for helping me to learn more about your company, policies and your values because before 2010, I was just an ordinary buyer and seller, not having any idea that eBay was more than just a buying and selling platform.  Over the last two years I’ve come to see first-hand the company’s values. I’ve come to better understand the platform as a buyer and seller. I’ve met some of the “green” team and I’ve visited the campus, twice to experience the fun work environment, meet the happy employees and learn from the staff. I’ve seen how eBay gives and they’ve given me personally training on Search Engine Optimization and education on how to be a better seller and help other’s sell.

I’ve been given the opportunity to meet new friends through eBay. Friends that have taught me about blogging, social media and that have helped me learn from their eBay buying and selling mistakes. I’ve made extra money for my family, bought clothing for a winter vacation, cleaned my closets to buy new school clothing and most of all I’ve been able to share my stories, my experiences with others locally and nationally to help them make extra money for their family and buy items off eBay to save their family money.

All this, thanks to eBay! 

The take-away lesson here is this: getting to know more about a company and what they stand for and their values can be worth the time and effort. You might like what you learn!


Disclaimer: I am an eBay Parent Panel Member, these are my opinions and thoughts.



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