To confess the truth can be scary. It’s even scarier when you’re held to a standard that you don’t feel certain you deserve. It’s like being naked and everyone looking, judging and seeing exactly what there is to see without clothing hiding the imperfections. Needless to say I have many nude imperfections and the following four eco-confessions will certainly make me feel naked and exposed but will prove to you that we’re all different shades of green and imperfections are okay.

1.  White Rain Shampoo. Yes, I have a bottle of this shampoo in my guest shower downstairs. I bought it last summer when I learned we were having unexpected house guests. In a hurry I ran to the store late at night and this is what I bought because I had little money in my wallet and had to have something in the shower. A good choice, no and I wish I would have planned ahead. Now I have a stock of safer alternatives that I’m comfortable with so this won’t happen again. This includes soaps and toothpaste for those last minute phone calls from out of town family members.

2.  I Eat Meat. Yes, I know the true “greenie” should not eat meat for all sorts of reasons but I like steak, hamburgers, and chicken and if I can have prime rib with horsey sauce and a beer I’m going to do it. I’m not apologizing for this one but I will tell you when I buy meat I do my best to buy organic and hormone free meat.

3.  Diet Coke I love You. I can’t break this habit entirely. I like to alternative with the Zevia and I do drink water often throughout the day but I love the taste of Diet Coke and usually have one a day.

4.  McDonalds Why Do Your Fries Taste So Good? My children occasionally eat fast food. My face is red while I type this but remember I’m revealing it all. It isn’t often that we utilize the drive through and eat the greasy, chemical laden food but it isn’t banned from our life either.

Okay, I have been exposed. I have shown you I am not perfect and sometimes I don’t always take the green route but I have many drastic changes in our life for the better of my family’s health and the environment. I’m proud of the changes I’ve made and that I continue to make changes, alter my choices and inspire others.

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