eco dittyEnvironmentally conscious families and families wanting to save some dough and not buy baggies , plastic wraps or wax paper to pack lunches and snacks are in luck with these adorable eco-ditty™ cloth bags!  When the company invited me to review their products I did some research and was fully supportive of their mission and thought the product looked cute but of course, I wanted to see if they were practical, held up to washing, everyday use and if I’d actually recommend them to my readers. Let me begin by saying: I love how they’re plastic free, easy to throw into the wash, hand wash or even use in the diswasher and have ready the next day! Cute designs, two different sizes and their cost effective because you use them over and over again. They’re made out of 100% organic cotton and made in Colorado.

A mom owned company that was started when Jennie Hammers’ daughter was 2 and she discovered she was allergic to PVC plastic! I’ve written lots of times about the dangers of PVC plastic and cannot imagine having a child with that allergy; seeing that it is everywhere! A mom on a mission that wanted to rid her home environment of toxins and created an eco-friendly, budget friendly food storage solution. A solution that has my attention because I love saying no to the PVC plastic but also supporting mom owned companies all the while saving money, being stylish and eco-friendly! I’m in good company with celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Garner, Heidi Klum and Kelly Ripa feeling the same as I do about these eco-ditty™ bags.

Through December 24, 2009 use the code GCMom15 at checkout and sae 15% off all orders at

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