Is a Ford Flex the most eco-friendly car on the market? No. It isn’t a Hybrid but you might have read my thoughts on hybrids and wondering how green they really are. It does have the best gas mileage for a 7 passenger vehicle on the market right now, which is better then driving a 7 passenger vehicle that isn’t so great on gas mileage…my current vehicle. I decided to test drive a Ford Flex not because I was asked to. Not because I believe it is the greenest most eco-friendly vehicle out there but because I like it. I also liked that the research and information that I have gotten from Ford about their sustainability and mission for going green. I’m not going to lie to you, I get the Ford “Z plan” which means I save big time green if I buy a Ford because my grandpa retired from the company (so why do I own a GM now-my hubby).

I’m also looking at buying a new car in the near future depending on finances. My sister needs a car and will hopefully be purchasing mine when the time is right. I really wanted to know more the toxicity of the Ford Flex from but at currently the Ford Flex has not been rated. The organization is in Ann Arbor and with any luck I will be taking a drive down to one of my favorite cities and will hopefully meet up with and we can investigate the Ford Flex a little more and I’ll visit the Ford plant in Dearborn.

In the meantime, my inquiries and conversations with Scott Monty from Ford, has led to a team being developed that will begin working on the toxicity inside the Ford vehicles. This is a very good thing and I’m hopeful that great things will come from this! I have to say, I test drove the vehicle and spent a great deal of time inside the new car and never really got that “new” car smell headache that I’ve gotten before. This is anecdotal but it was my experience. The car did smell clean though, meaning no smashed crackers and spilled milk between the seats! He! He! Did I buy one? Well, I was slated to have one bought but a number of circumstances prevented the immediate purchase. The Ford Flex happens to be selling like hotcakes and that means the incentives aren’t that great. So… I’m holding out and maybe for the soybean seats and the eco-boost engine that should be in the new Ford Flex next year (rumor has it of course).

Thanks to Jessica Knows, I was first turned onto the Flex. I’d seen one but had no idea who made it or what it was called. It just looked, “different” and as I’ve learned, you either love it or you hate it. I happen to love it. There are some amazing features that as a mom that’s 5’11”, I’m loving and that is the space. I love the headroom, leg room and capability of hauling a massive amount of stuff from one spot to the next. I’m always hauling stuff around to show people, bring to people, deliver to people or give to people. Good stuff and I of course employ eco-driving habits but I drive just with the environment in mind. I drive where there’s a LOT of snow (it snowed today) and I want a safe car and bingo, this some kick butt safety ratings. Another plus in my book. So beside me feeling like a speed racer with plenty of room and feeling like a green and clean, sexy mommy…I like the car, I like where Ford is headed in the green department and I like the company heritage.

Watch me test drive and experience Eco-Driving the Ford Flex:


  1. Hey, we’re also in the market for a new vehicle and I can’t believe how misleading the data is on the hybrids! The best data for a hybrid hybrid is the Toyota Prius for sure, but with another kid on the way and lots of snow coming….not for us.
    A year ago I would have never thought about toxic car seats (and baby seats), but after seeing my car rate high for toxins it is now one of the deciding factors for us.
    It was great to see you on video…you are tall! We’ll have to swing by Ford and give it a whirl.

  2. Hi Sommer,

    I’m glad you’ve taken the time to scratch beneath the surface here (and in your previous Ford post). I’ve seen many people in the green space too quick to make a decision without proper information, so your perspective is appreciated.

    We’re going to be working hard to share more of our sustainability story – because there’s so much to tell. I’m constantly surprised by what I uncover within the company. We’ll keep you in the loop as to our progress and hopefully we’ll have a chance to see you when you get down to the Ann Arbor / Dearborn area.

    Scott Monty
    Global Digital Communications
    Ford Motor Company

    Scott Montys last blog post.."When It Is Darkest, We See the Stars"

  3. NEW YORK (Associated Press) – Ford says it will offer employee pricing, zero percent financing and cash incentives on a variety of its vehicles. The Dearborn, Mich.-based company’s move comes amid a continued industry wide drop

  4. Going green is good, buing american green cars is even better. Buing foreign cars is not something American economy needs right now. So in addition to all of the goods you are being supportive to USA.


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