I’m a watch and eye wear person. Lately I’m branching out to scarves, bags and now boots and shoes. I’m trying to be more “stylish” with my weight loss and the pure fact that I feel better about myself. Chacos approached me and asked if I wanted to review a pair of shoes or boots and because I’m in Michigan and it’s that time of year of snow, rain and coldness I was all about the boots but usually I could care less what they looked like. Warmth was my mission but when I saw the Darcy boot that was stylish, a sole made from 25% recycled material and it was waterproof I wanted to really see if the boot was warm, cute on, comfortable and again…warm!

So here is my review of the Darcy boot by Chacos and I’m 100% impressed and not paid to tell you this…I love you too much!

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