With so many tasks on your to-do list every day – feed the kids, do the laundry, make the school run – it’s not surprising that the idea of going green could be overwhelming. However, going green and being eco-friendly is simply about being mindful of the environment while still accomplishing your intended tasks. Have a tired room you’re just aching to redecorate? Before putting in a call to the interior designer or loading up your truck at Ikea, try an eco-friendly makeover instead. By gaining some new perspective and using small purchases for the biggest bang, you can accomplish just that.

Old Friends, Fresh Eyes

Call your Mother, call your best friend, call in your other best friend and get fresh eyes into your old rooms. Stress the fact that in order to be nice to the planet and your wallet, you’re undertaking an eco-friendly makeover by reusing whatever is already in your home. Have a poke around your attic, the garage, and maybe even under your bed.
– Take everything off the walls and shelves, start with a blank canvas. If possible, move as much furniture as you can out of the room before you begin.
– Remember the function of the room first and foremost. Is this a room your kids will be continuously tearing apart? Or do you want a front formal room with Grandma’s silver proudly displayed?
– Communicate what kind of atmosphere you want in the room – cozy, formal, funky, traditional. Let the theme drive the décor.
– Ask each friend what their favorite piece in the room is. An artist’s framed landscape? Cheery family photos? Use this advice and build the room around it as a focal point.

Slip Your Old Furniture into Something a Little More Comfortable

Since you’ve saved money and minimized your environmental footprint by using what you already had, consider brightening the room with a slipcover to put over your old furniture. Sofa slipcovers are affordable, eco-friendly, and can bring new life to a tired sofa. At a fraction of what you’d spend on a new furniture set, slipcovers save that couch from being sent to the landfill, and makeover your room instantly.
– From cotton to micro suede, from solids to popping patterns, a slipcover can make the finishing touches on your new room.
Couch slipcovers make it much easier to keep your home clean. You can simply throw them in the wash if the kids spill juice or icecream on the couch.
– Always be sure to accurately measure your sofa before ordering your slipcover, the closer you can get to the right proportions the better the fit.

Every step towards eco-friendliness helps our planet, and in this case, your wallet too. Little changes offer big rewards, something to ponder while relaxing on the sofa in your newly-redone room.

This is a guest post from Caroline Smith, who runs GetSlipcovers.com and has written posts for a number of green blogs. Caroline believes in the green principles of reusing and recycling and tries to put these into practice when giving her home a makeover.

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