A few months ago I presented on Blogging for Bucks at a local event and met a very nice, Eco-friendly mom who also happens to be passionate about her green business: eco lunchgear, LLC. Tina, like most of us mothers wants to save money and be eco-friendly and when she searched for quality, safe Eco-friendly lunch and snack gear for her little ones…she found very few options.

Now we are all in luck because with some research and development Tina created a wrap that is lined with nylon and made with certified organic cotton or canvas. The wraps are hand-washable or machine washable, crumbs get trapped and the wrap doubles as a place mat!

Here’s what Green and Clean Mom thinks:

-They’re simply adorable and very durable! Most of the times the Velcro doesn’t hold up but the Eco lunch gear is quality.

-The products come in a variety of sizes for all of your snack and lunch needs ranging from $9 to $11 and with their quality they’ve not only eliminated waste they’re cost effective if used in place of plastic baggies.

-They wash well. I love how I can give them a rinse in the dishwasher (it worked for us) or a deep cleanse in the washer and they come out looking great AND clean!

I’m sold and I’m so glad Tina introduced herself to me! Not only do I love meeting other local moms and those doing their best to go green – I love trying a great product I can recommend to my readers.

Why not? Great tips for free!

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