Toys. Toys. Toys. If your children are like my children, they want, want, want. Television, seeing what their friends have certainly makes them desire items they’ll play with for all of five minutes. I’m not perfect, we do not have everything wooden, natural, organic and “green” in our home when it comes to toys but we do make a conscious effort to green our toy choices. When I say green toys I mean toys that if possible are used, made from recycled items and of safe plastic and material. We’ve chosen many items from Natural Pod and have been happy with the quality and trustworthiness of the company. Of late, I’ve discovered Eden Home and they sent me a few fun toys for my children to review.

We had fun reviewing a simple jump rope from Green Toys, made in California. It is BPA free and made of 100% organic cotton and 100% recycled BPA free plastic handles. My son was so excited and had a blast showing off his jump roping skills to his younger sister, who struggled with the concept.  I was happy to have been sent a toy that will give my children hours of playing time over the years, made of high quality and that comes from a company who tries hard to be eco-friendly in as many ways as possible.

The eco-jump rope is just one example of some of the fun choices that Eden Home offers. I feel in love with the company before they approached me so I can confidently tell you I like their offerings and if you have some gifts or you’re getting ready for Mother’s Day I highly suggest you shop Eden Home.

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